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07/09/19Mens 4A XIFriendlyFolkestone 4thFolkestone HC Astro14:30To be played
14/09/19Mens 4A XIFriendlyGravesham & Wellcome 2ndEbbsfleet Academy11:45To be played
21/09/19Mens 4A XIFriendlyCanterbury GriffinsPolo Farm13:00To be played
28/09/19Mens 4A XIFriendlyMaidstone 4thHolcombe Park Pitch 214:00To be played
05/10/19Mens 4A XILeagueGravesham & Wellcome 3rdAway TBA00:00To be played
12/10/19Mens 4A XILeagueFolkestone 5thHolcombe Park Pitch 113:00To be played
19/10/19Mens 4A XILeagueTunbridge Wells MonarchsKent College, Pembury14:45To be played
26/10/19Mens 4A XILeagueBromley & Beckenham 6thAway TBA00:00To be played
02/11/19Mens 4A XILeagueSevenoaks 7thHolcombe Park Pitch 213:30To be played
09/11/19Mens 4A XILeagueGravesham & Wellcome 2ndAway TBA00:00To be played
16/11/19Mens 4A XILeagueMarden Russets 3rdHolcombe Park Pitch 116:00To be played
23/11/19Mens 4A XILeagueMaidstone 4thMaidstone HC Astro16:00To be played
30/11/19Mens 4A XILeagueSevenoaks AcornsHolcombe Park Pitch 113:00To be played
18/01/20Mens 4A XILeagueGravesham & Wellcome 3rdHolcombe Park Pitch 113:00To be played
25/01/20Mens 4A XILeagueFolkestone 5thAway TBA00:00To be played
01/02/20Mens 4A XILeagueTunbridge Wells MonarchsHolcombe Park Pitch 213:30To be played
08/02/20Mens 4A XILeagueBromley & Beckenham 6thHolcombe Park Pitch 213:30To be played
15/02/20Mens 4A XILeagueSevenoaks 7thAway TBA00:00To be played
22/02/20Mens 4A XILeagueGravesham & Wellcome 2ndHolcombe Park Pitch 213:30To be played
29/02/20Mens 4A XILeagueMarden Russets 3rdMarden HC Astro10:00To be played
07/03/20Mens 4A XILeagueMaidstone 4thHolcombe Park Pitch 115:00To be played
14/03/20Mens 4A XILeagueSevenoaks AcornsAway TBA00:00To be played