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09/09/17Mens 4 XIFriendlyBromley & Beckenham 5thHolcombe Park Pitch 113:302 - 3 Loss
16/09/17Mens 4 XIFriendlyGravesham & WellcomeHolcombe Park Pitch 212:303 - 3 Draw
23/09/17Mens 4 XIFriendlyCanterbury 5thHolcombe Park Pitch 112:00To be played
30/09/17Mens 4 XILeagueOld Bordenians 3rdAway TBA00:00To be played
07/10/17Mens 4 XILeagueCanterbury 5thHolcombe Park Pitch 211:00To be played
14/10/17Mens 4 XILeagueBurnt Ash 4thAway TBA00:00To be played
21/10/17Mens 4 XILeagueTunbridge Wells VetsHolcombe Park Pitch 110:30To be played
28/10/17Mens 4 XILeagueSevenoaks 6thSevenoaks School10:30To be played
04/11/17Mens 4 XILeagueOld Williamsonians 3rdHolcombe Park Pitch 110:30To be played
11/11/17Mens 4 XILeagueBlackheath & OE HeathensBlackheath High School13:00To be played
18/11/17Mens 4 XILeagueBurnt Ash 3rdHolcombe Park Pitch 212:30To be played
25/11/17Mens 4 XILeagueTunbridge Wells 3rdKent College, Pembury16:00To be played
02/12/17Mens 4 XILeagueCobdownHolcombe Park Pitch 115:00To be played
09/12/17Mens 4 XILeagueGore Court 4thHolcombe Park Pitch 212:30To be played
06/01/18Mens 4 XIFriendlyBurnt Ash 4thHolcombe Park Pitch 212:30To be played
13/01/18Mens 4 XILeagueOld Bordenians 3rdHolcombe Park Pitch 115:00To be played
20/01/18Mens 4 XILeagueCanterbury 5thPolo Farm15:00To be played
27/01/18Mens 4 XILeagueBurnt Ash 4thHolcombe Park Pitch 113:30To be played
03/02/18Mens 4 XILeagueTunbridge Wells VetsKent College, Pembury16:00To be played
10/02/18Mens 4 XILeagueSevenoaks 6thHolcombe Park Pitch 210:00To be played
17/02/18Mens 4 XILeagueOld Williamsonians 3rdRochester Maths School15:00To be played
24/02/18Mens 4 XILeagueBlackheath & OE HeathensHolcombe Park Pitch 212:30To be played
03/03/18Mens 4 XILeagueBurnt Ash 3rdAway TBA00:00To be played
10/03/18Mens 4 XILeagueTunbridge Wells 3rdHolcombe Park Pitch 214:00To be played
17/03/18Mens 4 XILeagueCobdownK-Sports Ground12:30To be played
24/03/18Mens 4 XILeagueGore Court 4thWestlands School11:45To be played