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RIP Ken Poulton

It is my sad duty to pass on the news that our old friend, and for some of you, skipper, Ken Poulton passed away yesterday. On 1st February this year Ken turned 94 years young. His health had been failing over the last few months and Ken went peacefully. 

I first met Ken when I was a young 15-year-old playing for our Men's 2XI, around 1962/1963. We only had two teams back then and Ken was the Men's 1XI captain. He was the first non - Old Boy (from Chatham Technical School Old Boys) to captain an Old Holcombeians team. This was in the days of goals only having 6” back boards; all players back behind the goal line to defend long corners; roll-ins instead of push-ins from the side lines; and 5 yard tram lines down the side of the pitches into which you couldn’t encroach during a roll-in.

According to old Bill Stocks hand-written meticulate records, Ken's first game was in 1955. He played a total of 201 games between 1955 and 1966. He did umpire a couple of times in the early 1980s. I am told Ken preached about the 'triangle formation’, and if you played it then you could never lose possession. Keith Chapman, Evan Lewis, Mick Willis, Alan Spencer, Dick Tremain and Colin Twitchen would be the ones to talk to about that. I would have included John Lambkin, but John was a goalkeeper so what does he know about triangles? Stories have also been regaled about the time eight players crammed into Ken's old Wolesley and another on Eric Hutchings' motorbike to travel to an away game near Thanet, possibly Cliftonville or Old Thanetians.

Ken was a gentleman both on and off the pitch and a fine ambassador for the club. Over the past few years, he and his wife travelled up from their home in Swindon for our Vets Sunday lunches. Even after his wife passed away Ken still came to see us and of course the conversations would revolve around the ‘remember the time when’, or ‘what about that Old Anchorians fellow, oh what was his name?’.

The family shop can still be visited in Rainham High Street if you want your lawn mower fixed.

You will be sadly missed Ken, God bless you.

Graham Robertson (Life Member)

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