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P2 Team & Officials Shelters

At the request of captains and umpires, and in accordance with league guidance, the Team & Officials Shelters have been relocated this afternoon to BAE side of Pitch 2.  All spectators must stay ‘car park side’ as the Team & Official Shelters are only for use by players, management team and officials.

You will note, against the better judgement of my OCD tendencies, I have located the larger shelter to the far side of the pitch for the HOME team, the middle shelter for officials, and the closer shelter for AWAY teams. Signage will be placed on the shelters in due course.

To highlight a few league rules... captains, umpires and match delegate (if appointed) should:

  • Agree the location of managers, coaches, substitutes and suspended players during their suspension and from where substitutions will take place.
  • Agree with the home team officials the location and allowed proximity of spectators.
  • Substitutes should warm up in clothing in a colour other than the participating teams in the agreed area of the pitch side.
  • Coaches and managers must remain in their designated area.
  • Vocal communication by team officials and players on the bench must not, in any way, be directed at the umpires or players of the opposing team.
  • Players not taking part in the game, or those in subsequent or previous matches, must not knock up or cool down on or near the pitch whilst the match is in progress.
  • Spectators should be advised, if necessary, of matters relating to their conduct and particularly in so far as this affects the game in hand.
  • Small children should not be allowed to wander freely around the perimeter of the pitch whilst games are in progress. Children should remain under the control of the parent/guardian at all times.
  • Babies in push-chairs should not be left parked on the side of the pitch.
  • Suspended players must not be allowed to go behind the back-line or goal.
  • Captains, coaches and managers should be responsible for their own conduct and the conduct of their players at all times.

Many thanks Jon Rye (Co-Chairman)