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Open Summer (Seniors) continues

Holcombe HC will continue the Summer Open Session opportunity for members through the summer holiday period, until Wednesday 22 August as the final session.

Pitch One will be available for use on a Wednesday evening between 1900-2030 only. It is a self-led session, no coaches or equipment will be provided. It is not a space and time for teams to lead their own sessions, thus taking over a large proportion of the pitch, it is intended for all club members to pick up a stick and play together over a 1/4 pitch or 1/2 pitch.

Please respect that it is only Pitch One available between 1900-2030... it does not start at 1830, it does not end at 2100, and it does not take place on Pitch Two.

This opportunity is only available to Holcombe HC senior section members (aged 13 and above) - no juniors are allowed on the pitch at this time.

If this session is not used as intended, it will be removed as an opportunity for all members.

Please note that Members should not just use the pitches as and when they feel like it during the summer period, even if Holcombe Park is open and the pitches are available. Members should only attend organised sessions i.e. Summer League or private hire.  Any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks Jon Rye (Co-Chairman)