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HP Work Rota

The Rota 2019/20

Date Team       Date Team       Date Team
07/09/19 N/A   09/11/19 L4XI   08/02/20 M5A XI
14/09/19 N/A   16/11/19 L1XI   15/02/20 M1XI
21/09/19 M6XI   23/11/19 M5XI   22/02/20 M3XI
28/09/19 L1A XI   30/11/19 M4A XI   29/02/20 L2XI
05/10/19 M2XI   07/12/19 M4XI   07/03/20 M1A XI
12/10/19 L2XI   11/01/20 M2XI   14/03/20 M2A XI
19/10/19 M2A XI   18/01/20 M1A XI   21/03/20 L4XI
26/10/19 L3XI   25/01/20 L1A XI   28/03/20 N/A
02/11/19 M3XI   01/02/20 M4A XI      


The work rota for all teams for the clubhouse and grounds housekeeping duties will continue throughout the forthcoming season.

The club wishes to foster greater pride and ownership from all members using our first class facilities.

These duties are not optional or onerous, and every individual in each team from our Men's and Ladies' sections will be on the rota on two occasions over the course of the season.

Team captains are responsible for organising their teams on the dates detailed on the below schedule.

Duties 1, 2 and 3 below should only take 15-20 minutes per person prior to your game, so meet half an hour earlier than normal. The duties cover the clubhouse, both pitches, warm up area, car park, walkways and pitch surrounds within our perimeter fence.

Equipment such as brooms, litter pickers, shovels and black sacks are stored under the terrace. Please ensure they are returned to the bin provided after each work rota session.

Items 4 and 5 below are for all members to do whilst at the club; don’t leave it for someone else to do. Let’s have the club looking as you would wish to find it throughout the day!


  1. Empty all bins (inside and outside) on the site in to the 11cu.mtr bins outside main door
  2. Pick up all litter in all areas around both pitches inside and out, and the car park
  3. Sweep around the clubhouse entry area, terrace and pathway to Pitch 2 from the changing rooms
  4. Whilst at the club, every member is expected to help with returning empty glasses to the bar, returning plates/cups to kitchen area and empting waste bins when full (black sacks are always available from the bar and the kitchen). We want the clubhouse and terrace looking neat and tidy throughout the day so please play your part.
  5. All teams are to ensure they leave dugouts clean and tidy, and changing rooms free of litter after every game.

So please let’s have a concerted effort from every member and keep our club looking like the premier facility that it is.

Any questions see Brian Field, Carmel Sutton or Mark Newman. Thank you all for your help.

Many thanks Jon Rye (Club Chairman)

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