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For week starting 15-10-2018 and ending 29-10-2018

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20/10/1818:00Mens 1 XIEast GrinsteadHolcombe Park Pitch 1League0 - 1 Loss
27/10/1818:00Mens 1 XIHampstead & WestminsterLee Valley Sports CentreLeagueTo be played
20/10/1811:30Mens 1A XIKings AlleynsHolcombe Park Pitch 1League1 - 2 LossScorers
Louis Parker
27/10/1813:30Mens 1A XIGore CourtWestlands SchoolLeagueTo be played
20/10/1813:00Mens 2 XIAshfordAshford HCLeague1 - 6 LossScorers
Kieron Jones
27/10/1811:30Mens 2 XIFolkestone 2ndHolcombe Park Pitch 1LeagueTo be played
20/10/1812:00Mens 2A XISevenoaks 3rdHolcombe Park Pitch 2League1 - 4 LossScorers
Kabir Bowry
27/10/1814:30Mens 2A XIUniversity of KentUniversity of KentLeagueTo be played
20/10/1813:30Mens 3 XIOld Williamsonians 2ndRochester Maths SchoolLeague2 - 2 DrawScorers
Anthony Holmes 2
27/10/1815:00Mens 3 XIGore Court 3rdHolcombe Park Pitch 2LeagueTo be played
20/10/1816:00Mens 4 XIBurnt Ash 4thHolcombe Park Pitch 1League4 - 1 WinScorers
Danny Hancock, Michael Goodwin, Leon Webster, Kevin Carney
27/10/1816:30Mens 4 XIMaidstone 3rdMaidstone HC AstroLeagueTo be played
20/10/1816:30Mens 4A XISevenoaks 7thHollybush LaneLeague1 - 1 DrawScorers
Alex Coppelman
27/10/1813:00Mens 4A XIBromley & Beckenham 6thHolcombe Park Pitch 1LeagueTo be played
20/10/1810:30Mens 5 XIBBHC 3rdErith SchoolLeague3 - 2 WinScorers
Alec Beer, Andy Parry, Ben Rye
27/10/1812:00Mens 5 XIOld Bordenians 4thHolcombe Park Pitch 2LeagueTo be played
20/10/1814:30Mens 5A XIBurnt Ash 6thHolcombe Park Pitch 1League6 - 1 WinScorers
Ray Zerafa, Luke Zerafa, James Zerafa, Stuart Ives, Graham Blackhurst, Darryl Hubble
, Report
27/10/1810:00Mens 5A XIAshford CrusadersAshford HCLeagueTo be played
20/10/1813:00Mens 6 XIFolkestone 7thFolkestone HC AstroLeague1 - 6 LossScorers
Jacob Shardlow
27/10/1816:00Mens 6 XIGillingham Anchorians 3rdHolcombe Park Pitch 1LeagueTo be played
21/10/1814:00Ladies 1 XIEast GrinsteadHolcombe Park Pitch 1League1 - 2 LossScorers
Joanne Westwood
27/10/1812:30Ladies 1 XISloughUpton Court RoadLeagueTo be played
20/10/1812:30Ladies 1A XIFolkestoneFolkestone HC AstroLeague0 - 1 Loss
27/10/1814:30Ladies 1A XIBurnt AshHolcombe Park Pitch 1LeagueTo be played
27/10/1813:30Ladies 2 XINew BeccehamiansHolcombe Park Pitch 2LeagueTo be played
27/10/1816:00Ladies 3 XIAshford 2ndAshford HCLeagueTo be played
20/10/1813:00Ladies 4 XIMeopham 2ndHolcombe Park Pitch 1Friendly3 - 4 LossScorers
Liz Boatman, Emma Payne, Hannah Carney
27/10/1815:00Ladies 4 XIHerne Bay 3rdHerne Bay High SchoolLeagueTo be played
28/10/1813:15Juniors Boys U14's XIAmersham & Chalford U14'sAmersham & Wycombe CollegeMercian LeagueTo be played
21/10/1812:00Juniors Boys U14's Dev XIGillingham Anchorians U14'sHolcombe Park Pitch 1Kent League16 - 0 WinScorers
Nicholas Beer 3, Alec Beer 2, James Stewart 2, Charlie Walters 2, Ben May 2, Ben Rye 2, Jake Remon, Sam Wardle-Young, Connor Anthonissen
28/10/1811:00Juniors Boys U16's XIEast Grinstead U16'sHolcombe Park Pitch 1Mercian LeagueTo be played
21/10/1812:30Juniors Boys U16's Dev XIBlackheath & OE U16'sHolcombe Park Pitch 2Kent LeaguePostponed