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Volunteer Role            Contact            E-mail
Co-Chairman   Jon Rye   director@holcombehc.org.uk
Ladies Chair Section   Karen Major   ladies@holcombehc.org.uk
Club Vice-Chairman   Ray Baker   vchair@holcombehc.org.uk
Director of Hockey   Jon Rye   director@holcombehc.org.uk
Director of Junior Hockey   Sean Parker   juniors@holcombehc.org.uk
Club Treasurer   Norman Pickett   treasurer@holcombehc.org.uk
Club Secretary   Gill Griffiths   secretary@holcombehc.org.uk
Club Fixture Secretary   Richard Russell   fixtures@holcombehc.org.uk
Men's Team Secretary   Mark Newman   mens@holcombehc.org.uk
Ladies' Team Secretary   Karen Major   ladies@holcombehc.org.uk
Press Officer   Lindsay Hobbs   pressofficer@holcombehc.org.uk
Men's Umpire Co-ordinator   Adrian Hull   umpire@holcombehc.org.uk
Ladies' Umpire Co-ordinator   TBC   TBC
Club Welfare Officer   Amy Chester   welfare@holcombehc.org.uk
Education   Chris Haigh   education@holcombehc.org.uk
Webmaster   Max Ferris   webmaster@holcombehc.org.uk
Men's 1XI Manager   Keith Martin   mens1@holcombehc.org.uk
Men's 1XI Coach   Julian Halls   coach1@holcombehc.org.uk
Ladies' 1XI Manager   Chris Haigh   ladies1manager@holcombehc.org.uk
Ladies' 1XI Coach   Kevin Johnson   ladies1coach@holcombehc.org.uk
Player Recruitment Manager   Giles Osborne   playerrecruitment@holcombehc.org.uk
Vets Contact   Gary Owen   vets@holcombehc.org.uk
Pitch Hire Co-ordinator   Sandy Russell   hiring@holcombehc.org.uk
Summer League Co-ordinator   Max Ferris   summerleague@holcombehc.org.uk
200 Club Organiser   Karen Major   200club@holcombehc.org.uk
Golf Society Secretary   Ray Baker   golfsociety@holcombehc.org.uk
Bar Manager   Emma Allchorne   bar@holcombehc.org.uk
Social Secretary   Amy Chester   social@holcombehc.org.uk
Communications   Brian Field   communications@holcombehc.org.uk